Possible activities nearby

Around our cottage, there are many possible activities to do as a couple or as a family:

- Visit of the abbey of Scourmont

- Signposted nature walks or cyclists

- Chimay Castle

- Chimay space

- Chimay circuit

- Lac de Virelles- Aquascope

- Hitler's bunker, and resistance museum in Brûly de Pesches

- Caves of Neptune in Couvin

- Lake and dam of Ry de Rome

- Gorges and nature reserves in the Nismes-Viroinval region

- Treignes, museum village

- Marble Museum in Rance

- Macquenoise - Courquain from the film Nothing to Declare by Dany Boon

- Museum 40-45 in Monceau-Imbrechies

- Site of the Eau d'Heure Lakes

- Val Joly site

- Cross-country ski trails